The Company is seeking to reserve a leading role in the aquatic industry for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while maintaining a highly professional environment in the fields of selling fresh, frozen and canned Marine products distinguished by high quality in accordance with the best international standards and specifications.


The mission statement of The Company is to take advantage of the aquatic resources available within the naval borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the area under the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s exclusive economic jurisdiction in accordance with international regulations in addition to the farming of shrimp, fish and other aquatic life forms.

The Company has established a solid foundation for marine industry in the Kingdom, raising the quality of aquatic products being traded to a prominent and distinct position in the aquatic sectors of fishing, processing, industrializing and marketing while pursuing leadership in the Middle Eastern region by a total commitment to the quality of the maritime products.

Future Vision

  • Saudi Fisheries Company’s products to become the prime target of aquatic product consumers.
  • The Company to become globally integrated in the fields of fishing, production, retail and farming of fish, shrimps and aquatic life forms while preserving the ecosystem and environment.
  • The Company to become a leading international brand exporting a basket of fresh and frozen seafood to the global marketplace.
  • The Company to own the biggest chain of fresh seafood retail shops in and out of the kingdom.
  • The Company to become a global supporter of aquamarine production research.