Business Strategy

The Company is seeking to accomplish the following:

Product: Providing fresh, frozen and canned high quality Seafood by providing the raw, fresh and processed material in the most appropriate form possible by preparing and processing the product according to systematic operations subject to the quality control standards of The Company.

Price: The Company is always working to keep the price of their products within the reach of their customers including individuals and catering companies while staying loyal to the quality of production and actively participating in increasing the consumption of healthy seafood proteins.

Distribution: improving the distribution network and making products available to all high end restaurants, hotels, ready-made food suppliers and frozen food grocery stores.

Marketing: creatively and selectively promoting primary storage units to reward The Company’s current customers while attracting new ones.

The Consumer: proving to our clients that The Company provides the best seafood, best services and the biggest selection of products while maintaining all products and services at reasonable prices in comparison to competitors.

Innovation and Development: The Company is involved in continuous research and development to diversify its sources of seafood, introduce new products and develop the aquaculture farming of fish and shrimps through The Company’s current projects and development resources made available by those projects. The Company also cooperates with Government Agencies concerned with providing support to farming research e.g. The Agricultural Development Fund and The Aquatic Research Center by exchanging expertise and experiences. The Company also cooperates with local production companies to expand and develop the Seafood industry in the Kingdom.