The Company has an adopted policy of gathering feedback from consumers to assess current market requirements and trends. Any and all new products introduced into the market are a result of that feedback. Experience has shown that satisfying the range of consumer desires is the best methodology for successful sales. That is why The Company decided that their products should cover the following sectors:

Retail Shops

Saudi Fisheries retail shops are spread all around the kingdom. These retail shops are either completely owned by The Company or rented. The Company owns a number of retail shops in major cities (Eastern – Central – Western – Southern). As for small cities and remote areas, The Company has franchised with local providers according to terms and conditions specially prepared for franchise agreements. All the retail shops display fresh, frozen, canned and value-added products of The Company. They also provide other services including cleaning, cooking, frying, grilling or other services requested by the customers of The Company.

The Company is directing itself to expand into areas of providing catering services, individual and family meals in specifically targeted areas, and providing a diverse menu of seafood items in accordance with the most luxurious and modern nutritional habits by cooperating with leading international brands in this field.


The Company uses the wholesale process to approach large market segments. These markets are injected with fresh, frozen and value-added products sold by The Company. All the products are introduced under the brand name of “Alasmak” excluding some fresh and frozen items that carry the logo of The Company. Wholesale is also used to sell products to Hotels, Catering Companies, Lodging Companies, Airlines and Government agencies. These entities are supplied mainly with fresh and frozen fish after it is prepared, cleaned and chopped upon order. These entities are also supplied with value-added products.

Sales Mobilization

The Company owns a fleet of distribution trucks used to sell its wholesale products to groceries, small and medium food supply shops and small restaurants. Value-added products are supplied to all of them. These trucks are one of the most outstanding methods used for Sales Mobilization. They provide direct contact with the local market place including continuous contact with The Company’s wholesale customers. The feedback provided by the operation team in this area is a good indicator of the direction of the market and which products are the most demanded by consumers. The Sales Mobilization team is also responsible for supplying products to remote areas such as towns and rural areas where no company branches exist.


Since the 1990’s The Company has franchised its brand to some local Saudi investors in remote areas. The franchisees are allowed to open and operate retail fish shops under strict supervision and monitoring from The Company. Each step is subject to detailed scrutiny from The Company. The Company desires to expand its franchise out of the Kingdom. The desired target markets include Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates.


The export process by its nature is mostly seasonal and focused mainly on the shrimp supply and value-added products. The Company is honored with frequent visits from customers who import its products. The visitors go to the aquamarine farms or factories to inspect The Company’s products and export contracts are often initiated with new customers. In the case of current customers of The Company, the process of delivering the contract does not exceed more than one week.