The Company’s Activities


The Company owns an industrial base equipped with the latest technologies for preparing and delivering Fresh, Frozen and Value Added products and their development that goes hand in hand with the consumer's taste and requirements. The industrial base included construction of four ideal factories (One each in Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah & Jazan) for producing all these kind of sea foods. In addition, an integrated Fish & Shrimp Farms in Alhuraidhah on the Red Sea coast operates with state of the art processing plant for catering local and international markets.


A state of the art, shrimp / fish processing plant is under construction as part of the integrated shrimp /fish farming project in Alhuraidhah city located in the area of Asir. This facility designed to serve for handling and processing of both fish and shrimps being cultured in the existing farm established back in 1993 A.D as well as the new farming project in the pipeline. The new fish/ shrimp farming project of the company in the Governorate of Oumq would (God willing) produce 6000 Metric tons in the year 2014 A.D. This integrated aquaculture project comprises of Hatcheries, Grow out ponds, Feed mill and State of the art processing facilities to comply with highest international standards. This allows for a variety of fish / shrimp choices to the consumer in the form of Fresh, Frozen, Processed / Marinated, Blanched, Cooked, Coated and / or ready to eat products in package sizes that fit the consumer’s needs.

Dammam Factory

The Dammam factory is considered as largest among other processing plants considering its facilities and production capacity up to 5,000 M.T /year of fish, shrimp and other sea foods. Polystyrene boxes are also manufactured and used for packing purpose to ensure quality and safety of fresh sea foods being packed for various destinations.

Jazan Factory

Jazan Factory was designed with the production capacity of 4000 M.T /year to handle, process and pack - fresh fish /shrimps landed locally or procured from the local market within the region.

Riyadh & Jeddah Centers

These centers have evolved from distribution depots to become production centers with a production capacity of 3000 M.T and 2000 M.T /year for Jeddah and Riyadh factory respectively.

Value-Added Factory

The value-added factory is located in the main headquarters of the Company in Dammam. This factory enjoys independence because of the type and nature of its unique attributes. The production capacity of this factory is 1000 M.T of value-added products per year. This factory produces coated and flash fried products of different types, sizes, flavors and type of packing by using fish fillet blocks, peeled and deveined shrimps etc.. as raw materials.

Central Cold Storage Facilities

The refrigeration sector plays a central role in preserving fresh and frozen products equally till they reach the final consumers. Two major cold storage facilities are located in Dammam. One on the premises of company's head quarters with the storage capacity of 650 M.T and other one with storage capacity of 700 M.T, which is considered as strategic facility located in Al- Khalidia, Dammam.

Additional cold storage units and facilities are available in each operational area. Jazan factory has storage capacity of 700 tons; Jeddah and Riyadh production centers have 400 and 200 M.T stores respectively.

A specialized cold storage facility of 1500 M.T capacity is being built in Alhuraidhah/Asir for the storage of farmed fish and Shrimp products. These storage facilities are used to store raw materials, ingredients and finished products ready to be sold in local or overseas markets.