CEO Message

The company was founded Saudi Fisheries Saudi joint stock company under Royal Decree No. M / 7 and May 8, 1400 (24 March 1980). The company's capital 535,375,000 rials, where the state contributes 40% of its capital, while contributing the remaining (60%) Saudi private sector companies, institutions and individuals constitute the backbone of the company fishery industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether in fishing, farming or marketing

The company aims to fishing and investment living aquatic wealth in the waters of Saudi Arabia and other international waters within the limits of laws and regulations and as permitted by regulations of the Kingdom, in addition marketing of fishery products and aquaculture aquaculture, and seafood cooked, import and export fish and feed shrimp and cleaning materials and packaging.

Since 1981, the company was founded a strong base for the manufacture of marine products in Almemkh include a fleet of fishing combines traditional and modern, farms model for fish and shrimp, factories for marine products, stores for cooling, a series of shops scattered all over the Kingdom.

The company's full commitment to the conditions to be followed in presenting their products make them reliable for the consumer but you will find their products under the name of (fish) popular and widely accepted at the local and global

Has become the Saudi Company for Fish and one of the major international companies integrated in the sector of marine products and contribute now play an active role in supporting the national economy and food security and upgrading the quality of fish products traded occupies a prominent place and distinct in the fisheries sector Sidon and productive and industrialized and marketing and seek to maintain leadership in the Middle East total commitment to quality quality of fishery products

Managing Director