Aquatic Farming

Red Sea Shrimp Farm

Due to the continuous pressure on the natural resources of fish and shrimp, the reduction of international and domestic reserves of fish and shrimp, in addition to seasonal shrimp fishing and the increased demand for seafood as part of a healthy diet, The Company foresaw (from an early stage back in 1991 A.D.) the need to invest in Aquatic Farming of all fish and shrimp to complement the shortfall of the regular fishing industry in the face of growing demand for shrimp all year round. Diversifying into this field has been one of the most effective projects of The Company in that it met production requirements over the long run and supplied the factories with high quality raw material.

The Company has taken a leading role since going through the experience of establishing the first Shrimp Farm in the Kingdom back in the early nineties of the past century and which began operation in 1997 A.D. Production has increased year after year and has reached the project’s original maximum production capacity of 1500 tons/year. An expansion was completed in 2011 A.D. and production capacity was increased by an additional 3000 tons/year. This success story encouraged The Company and other investors to participate in this field and establish numerous shrimp farms along the Red Sea coast. The Company also enthusiastically expanded in other geographical areas.

As a result of this success, The Company decided to start another shrimp farm adjacent to the mother farm to derive more benefit from the current land area rented for the this purpose. The economic benefit of this decision is enhanced by the sharing of backbone infrastructure required to achieve economies of scale. This includes but is not limited to crockery, preparation factory, workshops, storage facilities, residence, machinery and administrative offices. This will help in reducing costs and increasing production. Some improvements and tweaks were applied to the shared facilities in order to handle the requirements of the new farm.

The expansion project went into operation on September 27th, 2011 and the first batch of small shrimp was stored. The design of the new farm was different from the old farm in the number, capacity and the shape of the ponds. Some of the ponds are used for the treatment of water used at the farm prior to discharge. These ponds or basins were designed to hold all water exiting the farm. The water is then kept still to give the residue enough time to sink down to the bottom. This residue or impurities is the feed of some Alramamah fish that live in these ponds. Once the residue settles down, the water is than released into the sea in its most natural and pure form.

Oumg Farm

This project is located 7 kilometers from the city of Oumg, 265 kilometers from the city of Jazan, 225 kilometers from the city of Abha, and 450 kilometers from the Governorate of Jeddah. The project can be reached by following the causeway of (Makkah, Oumg and Jazan) along the coast of the Red Sea in the Asir Region.

Project Area: The total area of this project is 13,328,631 (Thirteen Million Three Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Thirty One) square meters.

Production Capacity: It is predicted that this project will start with a commercial production capacity of 19% of its full capacity in its first year of operation. This percentage will increase to 48% by the end of the second year of operation. This project will reach 100% of its production capacity of 6000 tons of shrimp by the end of its third year of operation, God willing. Production on this facility may start as early as 2012 A.D.

Labor Force: The permanent human resources required to operate this facility are estimated to be 654 employees. 96 of them will be administrative and the remaining 558 employees will be laborers.

Investment cost The total investment cost of this project is predicted to be 188,000,000 (One Hundred and Eighty Eight Million) Saudi Arabian Riyals.

Aanak Fish Farm

This farm is located in the Eastern Province in the city of Qatif. The total area of the project is 50,000 m2 dedicated to the farming of Bulti fish. Production on this farm was initiated back in 1993 A.D. This farm uses an advanced model for freshwater fish production. The latest technologies of intensive growth and production are applied at this facility. The facility is currently operating at its maximum designed capacity of 200 tons/year. It is undergoing an expansion that will increase its production capacity to 300 tons/year. The expansion will also include providing live products to The Company’s outlets all around the kingdom.